I took Twerk class for the first time ever in London at Base with Chanelle and absolutely loved it from the very beginning. I  remember when I messaged Chanelle on Instagram even though I didn't know her cause I planned to take her class and I wanted to make sure that it was on. She was so sweet..also when we met each other we got along immediately and felt some kind of connection. The way she delivers the class is great because after a nice warm up,  the twerk technique begins and that's where the fun also starts. It's not as easy as probably most of the people think though..and that's why I kept taking her classes because it was a combination of learning a new technique/style and at the same time it was a lot of fun, good vibe at all time and above all, a safe environment where everyone could express themselves freely without being judged or criticised.

If you don't know..don't judge!


Carlotta Arcolaci


I have started attending your classes because I have been following Carolina's blog for years.


My best friend in London being Nigerian, born and raised in Italy, and going to afro beats, basement, dancehall and all genres of dances nights and events, twerking and dancing has been part of my bad habits for a while.


I have always considered myself pretty good at dancing and having a rhythm, and that's mainly because I fully enjoy it. For some reasons, I never really took classes though - apart from pole dancing - because I didn't like the idea of being told what to do.

However, I figured twerk classes would be something more freestyle and open and fun, and maybe I could feel more familiar with.


I was positively surprised at how inclusive you are when you teach: I had a first look around in the class, and saw women of different ages and with different types of body, not to mention the guys, and could tell that everyone felt absolutely at ease.


I like how the class is structured so that we warm up using simple movements that are always going to be part of the choreo later; then we do some fun and sexy strengthening exercises on the floor, squeezing our bum cheeks; and finally we learn a routine that is easy for all levels, but at the same time engaging.


Your class immediately felt like a place where I can re-enact what I do when I am home alone, pulling faces in the bathroom mirror, without feeling judged. I can be extra, I can try the silliest moves and sometimes get them completely wrong, I can play with being ratchet, and no one will judge: on the opposite, everyone will be cheering up and screaming! I think it goes to show how, at the end of the day, we all want to feel safe and re-assured, surrounded by love show, no matter how confident we look in our everyday life.


I also really admire - and please know that I am being completely honest and I really mean this as a heartfelt compliment - that you don't show a suspicious attitude towards the not-of-colour participants of your class, as I have personally experienced this in other separate situations and felt very uncomfortable with  You observe to improve, help and cheer everyone in the same way, and don't treat them as someone who is coming to take appropriation of an originally African dance, but rather people of different backgrounds that want to know another culture through dancing, which I think is amazing. And you really give your all to transfer that knowledge and prove that, as distant in time or space a culture can be, all of us can find something they can relate with or feel in it - aka, that we are all very similar when you peel our skin off! :P


Lastly, I found twerk enlightening about my body health status: I have been practicing Iyengar yoga for years, which is a thorough type of yoga that focuses on body alignment and precise execution of poses. I don't have foot arches and I always suffered from scoliosis and other back and knees related pain and issues. I am very aware of my body and consider myself flexible, however, I struggle with shoulder stand poses. I never worried about it too much, just assuming my shoulders are a bit stiff. like it happens for all people who do office jobs and spend most of their time sitting and hunching in front of a screen.

Well, attending your classes made me realise that my whining is pretty good, but my body rolls are absolute rubbish! My shoulders just don't move to the rhythm, even when I try hard and have all the movements clearly envisioned in my mind, ha! I now know that I have to work and focus on my shoulders, and I think it's beautiful that I can do that while dancing.


As you know, I am now taking other dance classes and attending workshops after I started with your class and it just wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for your energy and the undeniable great first impression I had.


You are a kind soul and I wish for all your dreams and vision to come true and bring much love back to you.


I hope I haven't forgotten anything!



I attended the class in May of this year, I was welcomed with open arms. Chanelle went through a great warm-up which allowed me to loosen up. As I was quite nervous about dancing in front of many people. 

I haven’t been to a dance/fitness class for 6 months prior, due to confidence issues. 
Coming to your class really boosted my confidence, I felt the choreography was given at a good pace. 

The moves and the energy were electric and seductive. 
At the end, we all were given the opportunity to showcase what we had learned. 
I loved it, was definitely a safe place, no competition just good vibes. 

90 mins was a great amount of time I could easily do two hours.
I am most grateful for sharing your talent.

 I would love for you to do isolation and basic tutorials online. 
And please teach 3 classes a week. 

Thank you again. 

Alesha B

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