Chanelle Hall aka Miss Twerkology launched her Entertainment and Dance company "Twerkology Nation" in 2016. It was birthed through her class at "LONDON DANCE ACADEMY" and growth with her social media presence.


Twerkology naturally gravitates towards women empowerment, as many clients empower, embrace their body image and grow self-esteem through Dance. She aims to maintain the fundamental roots of its origin through her Afro - Caribbean heritage. She believes it is important to remember the history. the roots, the culture before the dance became heavily sexualised in the western media, it celebrated womanhood and fertility. 


"I don't twerk, when I dance my ancestors move through my bones, I ascend... its spiritual, it's healing".


Twerkology Nation aims to support women who have faced sexual abuse, domestic violence; and mental health issues as a safe haven for them to express themselves to regain their self- esteem confidence. That being said, men, also come to the class to find their healing. 


Twerkology Nation also opens its arm to Entertainment, Production and Educational Seminars.





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